Practical Inspiration to Help Teachers and Trainers to Engage the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit of Learners

A visual reference book for people who design and deliver training

A source of ideas and inspiration on creating powerful, long-lasting learning by developing the whole person. 

Instructions and advice on how to engage learners physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the learning process.

The book is based on the fundamental principle that deep, meaningful learning which actually changes behaviour needs to be holistic - i.e. it needs to happen on a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level. Many trainers, teachers, and other educators are either unaware of this, or struggle to work out how to put this knowledge into practice.


This book is designed to give them some introductory information about why it is important to engage learners in different ways, and lots of practical ideas about how they can do so. The principles, ideas and suggestions will be relevant to any education, training or teaching activities, from leadership programmes to Health and Safety Training and from primary school teaching to higher education.


The Holistic Learning Handbook is different from most other books on the subject as it not only consists of easily digestible chunks of practical information that can be dipped into for reference or for inspiration, but it is illustrated throughout - engaging the readers visually and drawing them in, bringing the information to life and encouraging readers to return time and time again for new inspiration.


When it comes to learning, vision is the most powerful sense, and the majority of learning, training and education professionals are highly visual, often creative people, who respond well to images and to short, manageable chunks of information rather than extended text.


Nicki wrote the words and Lauren brought them

to life with her illustrations.


Nicki started her career in training by teaching life skills to people coming out of institutions such as prison and psychiatric hospital and discovered she had a flair for helping people to learn, develop and grow.

Over 25 years later, as Director of Saltbox Training & Events, she designs and delivers leadership, management, and interpersonal and communication skills to companies across the UK and beyond. Nicki believes that we all perform best when our mind is free, our body relaxed, and our creative potential unlocked. She draws inspiration from nature, the creative arts, and holistic/spiritual practices to create powerful, memorable, transformative learning experiences, and uses findings from neuroscience and psychology to generate faster, deeper, more memorable learning which learners put into practice.


Lauren is a self-taught artist who practices illustration, visual art and photography.

She is also a facilitator, organiser and social entrepreneur with a passion for and strong practice in spirituality, creativity and the natural world, which she weaves together in her work.

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